Return Statement

Long story short, my batch at the Recurse Center at the beginning of this year constituted the best 3 months of my life.

For the first 20-some years of my life, there was always a logical next step, something to work toward. There were activities that I enjoyed, but ultimately my day to day was structured around reaching the next milestone.

My time at RC has helped me embrace the day-to-day and find joy in creating software. Instead of using my career as a means to an end, my new high-level goal is to use my career as a means to learn, grow and build valuable tools for myself and others.

RC encourages you to introspect and find intrinsic motivation, while fostering an inquisitive, supportive community.

There's so much more I could write; and I plan to include much of that in future posts. But I've procrastinated long enough writing this post. RC was a life-changing experience and I would recommend it to anyone who can find the time.